Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Camilla-SDO Story: Chapter 2: Camilla’s Life as a Carnie

Chapter 2: Camilla’s Life as a Carnie

Feeling sorry for this poor abandoned fowl, the Circus Director and the carnies took Camilla in and decided to raise her as their own. In the go-go world of traveling circuses, no one eats and sleeps for free, so they put Camilla to work in the concession stand. Although after a close encounter with an overzealous cook of the Nordic variety, it was deemed that concessions was not the right field for young Camilla. Plus, Camilla made always very funny noises on “Fried Chicken Wednesdays”…

At the circus Camilla tried her hand at many different jobs but really found her home in working with the big top acts. She proved to be a natural at coming up with new acrobatic routines, up high in the air under the dome of the circus tent. Camilla seemed to have an innate ability to understand the physics and the law of gravity and have the acrobats land safely after every dazzling trick. This was very appreciated since this particular circus had a nasty habit of having to hire new acrobats after nearly every show. It also helped that her neck was the most bendable neck of anyone working in the circus industry.

As it turned out, this was not Camilla’s only talent. Being part animal herself, she proved skilled in animal husbandry and soon the circus was brimming with new and unusual baby animals. She also helped with modeling for merchandise items, and the “rubber chicken” became one of the top selling products, and Camilla’s likeness became recognized worldwide, even if they did not know her by name.

Despite the wonderful things she did for the circus, Camilla’s life was not wonderful. The Ringmaster (complete with a top hat, cape, and sinister mustache) was not a very nice man. He told Camilla that people would be afraid if they were to ever meet a walking talking rubber chicken! And so when the public was around, Camilla would go still and pretend to be one of the fake rubber chickens all the parents had to buy for their kids. Camilla, naïve as she was, believed the ringmaster, because, for all his cruelty, he had provided her with a home, and had been like a father to her. Who was she to question him?

For many years Camilla obeyed the ringmaster. Until one day, by some twist of fate, she was lending a beak in the merchandising booth. The salesman had been out late the night before and didn’t quite have his wits about him that morning. When a little boy named Paul came up to purchase a rubber chicken, he got more than he bargained for. He brought home Camilla.

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