Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Official Story of how Camilla and Little SDO Became Such Good Friends

Chapter 1: And they never returned...

To understand the unlikely friendship between Camilla, the rubber chicken and Little SDO, the NASA spacecraft, we must go back some years and examine Camilla’s story. Camilla, the rubber chicken is the child of a chicken and an extra-terrestrial visitor (whose name is being concealed for legal and safety issues). They met during an audition for a brand new kind of television show that brought different, bizarre puppet creatures together in a theater-like setting. Both of them got parts in that show, partially due to their obvious chemistry.

Camilla’s parents became a celebrity couple on that famous 70s puppet variety show (we have also omitted this title for legal reasons and in order not to support any single puppet variety show out there). Unfortunately the stress of being a celebrity couple was too much for them. They had to juggle a relationship, careers, issues with co-workers (mostly from a certain lady pig that made life exceedingly difficult on the set), and a rubber chicken child. They had a long talk and came to a difficult decision:

One day they took little Camilla, who at the time was merely a little rubber chick, to the circus. They left Camilla in the stands with the promise of some funnel cake and a big foam hat, but they never returned…

Chapter 2 “Camilla's Life as a Carnie” will be posted on June 17, 2009

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